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This is a Javascript Plugin made for RPG Maker MV.

It provides options for customizing the Save/Load screen and altering the game saving system.



Revamp of the Save/Load screen:

  • FILE WINDOW; the main slot window; almost every aspect is customizable
  • COMMAND WINDOW; appears after selecting a slot file. Available commands depends on parameters setting.
  • HELP WINDOW; optional and customizable.
  • CONFIRM WINDOW; optional; confirm the selected command with 'yes' or 'no'.

Saving system Options:

  • START FROM LOADING SCREEN; Start a New Game from the loading screen by selecting an empty slot file.
  • SINGLE SAVE SLOT; Always save on the same slot
  • AUTO SAVE; manage it through parameters and Plugin commands
  • AUTO SAVE WINDOW; an optional window that pop out when the game auto save.
  • REGION MAP NAME; set different Map Name according to map region Id.



Use in any independant RPG Maker MV projects, including commercials.

Credit is required for using this Plugin. For crediting, use 'TSR' along with one of the following terms: 'The Northern Frog' or 'A frog from the north'

Do not change the Header or the Terms of usage.

Editing of the script is allowed, but it won't relieve from crediting obligations. Remember that changing the name of functions and variables, or even manually retyping the entire script, doesn't make you the author of the Plugin.

DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE! If you want to share it, share the link to my itchi.io account:  https://the-northern-frog.itch.io/

Thanks to ShadowDragon for having helped with numerous suggestions and ideas; and for testing and debugging.



TSR, The Northern Frog

Updated 13 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Tagsplugin, RPG Maker


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