TSR_Save.js v1.1.7

New update!

TSR_Save.js v1.1.7

  • Save Access The Plugin save command is now bind to the 'Change Save Access' event command. If you disable the Save Access via the event command, you can still access the Save Screen from the Main menu to Load a game, but the Save command will be grayed out.
  • General Section Color Codes  Some part of the General Section didn't respond to text color code. This is now fix and both Titles and Infos of each entry can be assigned a specific color
  • Smoother Cursor Move   When the custom cursor is on top or bottom of the File window, and move toward a slot outside of the window, it does a little bump to indicate it has 'move' to another slot. This was a little abrupt before, now smoother...


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Jul 13, 2020

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