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This is a very simple Plugin for RPG Maker MV.

RPG Maker MV let you change the font color in text windows using the escape code '\C[x]' where x range from 0 to 31, providing  colors from the default window skins of /img/system/Window.png.

This simple Plugin now allow you to add more text color codes, starting from 32. It also give the option of adding a second color to generate a color gradient effect on the text. You can also change the Outline color and Width of the text, all of this using the commonly used '\C' escape code.

The Plugin also give the option to import a custom sprite sheet in /img/pictures and use it to display some additional custom icons with text code '\i[x]'.

In addition, the Plugin allow the use of '\C[x]' basically anywhere text can be input.                 

*Plugin is compatible with Yanfly Engine Plugin library. If you use YEP_MessageCore, place this Plugin above it.

 Text Color Object Properties:
 There a parameter called Text Color Object. It is a notebox where you can create your colors properties. 

Properties consist of pairs of code:color, and each properties must be separated by commas. The codes are starting from 32 and  can be any number you want. The color are defined using CSS. You can use either a predefined CSS color name or make your own using Hex value or rgba values to define the color. 

                  * Example: 'Aqua' or '#00ffff' will render the same color

 Fill the Text Color Object notebox to your liking, adding colors associated with code above 31 and separate each with commas.

                *Example: 32: Aqua, 33: DarkCyan, 34: DarkKhaki

Then, use the associated code with '\C[x]', when allowed, to change the font color to the corresponding color.  Like, according to what's above, \C[32] will render Aqua colored text.               

To use rgba(r, g, b, a) format  in the Text Color Object, enter your rgba values inside the brackets without commas and with a single white space, like this:

                 *Example:  rgba(0 0 0 0.5)

Hence, writing:    

  32: Aqua   or   32: #00ffff   or   32: rgba(0 255 255 1) will render the same color.                

 Text Color Gradient and Outline Color:

Thanks to Shadowdragon, the Plugin now integrate the color gradient functions of ShadowDragon_TF.js allowing to render color gradient effect on text.

 To add a color gradient effect on a text, enter 2 colors in the brackets, like this:

             Example:   C\[5, 27]   *white spaces after the comma doesn't matters

To change the Outline color of the text, add a color code preceded by the letter 'o':

            Example:  \C[12, o18]  render text color 12 with outline color 18

You can combine gradient and outline color like:   \C[5, 27, o30]

            * Note that the outline color should always be the last parameter.

Default outline width is 4 pixels but sometime, you may want to adjust it depending of the fontsize you use and the color effect you want. You can  change the outline width by adding 'w' follow by the width in pixels you want.

            Example: \C[5, 27, o30w3]   gradient 5 to 27, outline color 30 and width 3 pixels

            *Note that there's no comma between outline color and width. A white space can be accepted, but no comma!

Custom Icons Sheet:

Import a sprite sheet in /img/pictures, specify its dimensions through a few Plugin parameters, and show your new icons in text boxes using escape code '\i[x]' where x is determined by the  starting index Plugin parameter. Refer to Plugin's instruction for further details.

 Using text code in database:

By adding text color codes to database entries such as Items, Weapons and armors names, you can change their color when displayed. Color codes can also be use anywhere like Map Name entry or Game Title.

The same can be done with the Icon Escape Code \I[x] to easily display colors and icons in command menus if desired.

Example:  writing '\I[60]\C[11]' in the 'Item' entry of the 'Terms' section of  the database, will display icon 60 and color the text in both Battle Command window and Main Menu Command window. 

Other codes that works are \V[x] to show variables value, \N[x] to display actor names and \G to show currency unit. Of course, result may vary when showing long string.

Try it for yourself and use it with parsimony, because showing too much colors is the same as not enough...

Refer to the Plugin instructions for further details, but that's pretty much it...



Free to use in any RPG Maker MV projects, including commercials.

Credit is required for using this Plugin. 

Credit to 'TSR' followed by either 'The Northern Frog' or 'A frog from the north'

Do not change the Header or the Terms of usage.

Editing of the script is permited but credit would still be required.

DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE!  If you want to share it, share the link to my itchi.io account: 

https://the-northern-frog.itch.io/   If you edited the plugin and would like to distribute it, contact me.

This plugin was made for free use among the RMMV game dev community. Hence, it is free and will remain free.


For support, join us on Discord

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I feel like I'm doing something wrong because none of this is working for me.

Could you maybe try and make it compatible with SumRndmDde's ShakingText Plugin?

Hello! I've tried SRD Shaking Text Plugin and it will show the custom colors if my Plugin is above in the plugins manager. The only part that doesn't work is the gradient colors, SRD plugin will only show the second color of the gradient. This can't be fixed within my Plugin. Changes has to be made in SRD Plugin so it can call my plugin functions to use gradient colors.

Alrighty, thank you for the reply! =]

Best TextColorAddon plugin that can be used everywhere :D

Very nice!