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This is a Java Script Plugin made for RPG Maker MV.

It add multiple visual features and options for battle popups.



  • Add 3 TP damage Types (TP damage, TP recover and TP drain) to skills and items through the use of Notetags.
  • Provide MP Notetags too so that damage types can be combined.
  • Add various visual effects to Battle popups such as Critical hit and Elemental response popups.
  • Popups can be drawn from an alternate damage sprite sheet provided by this plugin.
  • Text strings can also be used as popups.

'TSR_Damage.png', an alternate Damage sprite sheet provided by this Plugin:

Along with the Plugin file, you can download this alternate Damage sprite sheet. It is used by the Plugin to add visual features to Battle popups.  There is  parameters to Enable/Disable each of them, but you can also Enable/Disable the use of the whole alternate sprite sheet by the Plugin via a single parameter.

*Please refer to the Plugin instructions for further details



Free to use in any RPG Maker MV projects, including commercials projects.

Credit is required for using this Plugin. For crediting, use 'TSR' along with one of the following terms: 'The Northern Frog' or 'A frog from the north' Do not change the Header or the Terms of usage.

Editing of the script is allowed, but it won't relieve from crediting obligations. Remember that changing the name of functions and variables, or even manually retyping the entire script, doesn't make you the author of the Plugin.

The TSR_Damage damage sprite sheet is free to download on my itchi.io account. Editing it to your liking is permited and no credit is asked for using it, but it shouldn't be used in games that don't use this plugin, nor in a game not made with RPG Maker MV.

If you want to share it, share the link to my itchi.io account:  https://the-northern-frog.itch.io/

This plugin was made for free use among the RMMV game dev community. Hence,  it is free and will remain free.



TSR, The Northern Frog                                                                                                                         


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TSR_Damage.png 109 kB
TSR_Popups.js 76 kB

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