TSR_MoveEvent v1.0.7

First update!

Push / pull event: 

  • Better transition for pushing and pulling, the player will walk shortly to get closer the the movable event. 
  • Player and movable event will walk the same speed defined by the event speed tab.

Pick up event:

  • Player walk on the tile of the event when picking it up, making a better transition.
  • When throw/drop an event while facing an impassable tile, the event will drop on the tile behind (or one of the sides if behind isn't free).


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Mar 14, 2021

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Can it be tied to a switch so its a learned skill?

Hello, it work with event comment tag which are specific to the event page, so yeah you could do something like that. Example: when the event is on page A (no tag), the player can't move it, then you switch it to page B (which has the tag), and now player can move it... But I might think of something better for further version, stay tune!