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This is a javascript plugin made for RPG Maker MZ and MV.

It allows to push, pull, pick up and throw events.




Use in any independant RPG Maker MZ or MV projects, including commercials.

Credit is required for using this Plugin. For crediting, use 'TSR' along with one of the following terms: 'The Northern Frog' or 'a Frog From The North'

Do not change the Header or the Terms of usage.

DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE! If you want to share it, share the link to my itch.io account:  https://the-northern-frog.itch.io/

Sending me a copy of your completed game using my plugin would be appreciated,  but there's no obligation.


For support, join us on Discord

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagspick-up-and-throw, push--pull, rmmv, rmmz, RPG Maker


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Hi TSR, 

Again love this plugin its amazing

Just wondering  if there's the possibility to have events pick up just like the player, is that possible via script or not?

Would be great for setory events or set pieces :) <3

Hello again!

Most of the code concern the Player Object, so no, the code can't be applied on events.

Also that can be acheived with clever eventing. That's what I do when I need to mimic an event carying another event in my game.
Much easier if you have some plugin that allow to offset the events images.


Glad to see you still around :) <3 

Thanks for the clarity i know how id event it but was thinking there was a chance to use Moveevent to save the offsetting work. But no biggie :) 

Thanks for responding 

Hello TSR! This is truly amazing piece of work, first, thank you for that.
Second, can you please help me? I want to "play event" when you put event on place (throw event option), but I don't want to use hard-coded event ID for this. How can I do that? I mean, if you hold any item and put it on specific place, then do something. Thanks!

Hello, the script call to check if an event was thrown at a specific spot is:

$gamePlayer.hasThrownEvent(eventId, x, y)

But if you want to 'play' the event when it reach the ground (anywhere), use the notetag: <pickup event: A>  where A is the id of the self switch of that event. So when that event reach the ground after being thrown, it turn it self switch A ON, and whatever happen on the new event page is up to you.

Hope that help.

(1 edit)

so..there is no way to use "this event" instead of event id? okay.

also, this didn't worked for me, sadly :( I used check condition $gamePlayer.hasThrownEvent(1, 16, 12) on position 16,12, and placed an event with ID1 on that spot and didn't worked. I have no idea why.

Edit: but I can manage this by <pickup event: A>, and conditions on that "A" page. Thanks!

Hello, you can try: $gamePlayer.throwPickup();

Thank you!

Worked perfectly :) 

Truly is a gem, is there anymore calls note in the documentation , the code looks obfuscated so i couldn't read into it and work them out. 

Lastly not sure how pertinent a bug but if the player picks up an item again and then either the player or even move/transition you'll get. 

rmmz_managers.js:2030 TypeError: Cannot read property 'throwDestination' of null

    at Game_Player.<computed>.updateThrow (TSR_MoveEvent.js:295)

    at Game_Player.<computed>.updatePickupEvent (TSR_MoveEvent.js:295)

    at Game_Player.<computed> [as update] (TSR_MoveEvent.js:295)

I use the check if the event has landed in a position but is there a call to make an event that was throwable not ? 

Hello again, and thank you for reporting that!

But I would need a bit more details on how the bug occured in order to track it down. You said it's when the player pick up an event again (after having thrown it, I guesss), and then when it move/transition..?  (not sure what you mean by that...)

"Make an event that was throwable not" Do you mean that you can't pick it up again after you thrown it once? If so, no need for a 'call', you only need to switch the event to another page that doesn't have the <pickup event> tag. 

I just created a discord channel for providing support for my plugins. You can join it if you have more questions:


Ah sorry if i was unclear, effectively i have a parrelel event for event position and if in the right place, displays text and reset locations of player and the event. However in that second if the player was to pick up the event again you will get the previously mentioned error. 

My workaround is to make the first action of the parallel to turn the player around and away so as to make it more difficult for them to pick it up again before the reset. 

That said the best way to avoid it occuring might be to have a 2 second lag in the plugin between throwing something and allowing a new pickup. 

Ive joined your discord but also dont want to take any more of your time then i have already 

As i said before its an absolute gem of a plugin and its a shame more people dont know or use it :) 

How do you check the event position in the parallel event? For what you described, I think you use: $gameMap.event(eventId).pos(x, y)...

This is a default call to check event position on map and can be used for push/pull event, but not pickup event.

To check where a pickup event as landed, use: $gamePlayer.hasThrownEvent(eventId, x, y)

The example above will reset player and event position whenever player has thrown the event 8 at position x26, y19.

Ah yes i was using a position check, the call you have shwon works much better and eliminates the chance of a crash :) 

Thanks alot :) 

This link is dead. Is the Discord still up?

Hello. There's a link in my RPG Maker Forum signature.

Hi, i cant believe im the first commenting on this gem of a plugin :)

Just one question if i wanted a call that would make the player drop the event is that in the plugin?