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This is a demo of my first RPG game made with a RPG Maker engine.


It is a story-driven classic RPG, with a few modern gameplay elements.

The adventure take place in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity have destroyed the planet by pollution and endless wars. A thousand years later, only a single continent remains above oceans level, and it is mainly a desolated barren land. By using ancient technologies, some survivors have managed to maintain fragile ecosystems in confined areas. These areas are called Terraforms, and are restricted to the privileged ones. Hence, there are those casted aside in the Wasteland, struggling to survive in that hostile environment roaming with dangerous outlaws and mutants. They call themselves ‘The Outcasts’, and they gather junks and fragments of technology to struggle with their uncertain destiny.

You will start the game as a young Outcast, sent by his mentor to run a simple errand. But a series of events will force him to embark on a journey to save his best friend. And as the stakes of a greater scheme will progressively unfold, you will learn that during the apocalyptic war that destroyed the civilization a thousand years ago, humans weren’t fighting against each others, but rather were defending themselves against something else…

The demo can render around 2h of gameplay. Basically it consist in a town (the Outcast slums), a few side quests in the surroundings world map area (the Wasteland) and the first dungeon (the deserted plant).  The demo ends when you reach the southern Terraform City.
There is five side quests that can be done to reveal additional side stories and get hidden loots. You will have to speak a couples of times to peoples to get all informations about side stories and quests.

The demo form the first part of the game. It includes the first town, the surrounding world map areas and the first dungeon. I plan to make around 7 areas as such, to form the whole game.
I’m currently building the maps for the second part of the game, which will entirely take place in Kaali, the southern Terraform City. The big futuristic city will offers good settings for exploration and side quests, while the main dungeon will consist in the infiltration of the TerraCorp Headquarter. The demo will be updated once the second part will be playable.

For more details on the game, please visit the Game In Developement thread on the RPG Make Web forum:

The Last Continent, game in development thread


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sorry but I cannot see the Download option for this game

Hello, sorry I had removed the link to upload a new version. Now I put it back, thank you!


Thank you for playing the game and reporting that :)  I'll check about that bug and post new versions when ready. Thanks again!

Nice game, setting is interesting. I got a crashing bug while traveling the main map. After a fight, my main character was KO but second character (clown) was still at around 10% health. I think clown was under some kind of poison while I was walking the map, and I got his error: