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Hi. I'm using the QSprite sprite management plugin, which adds more frames to characters, and when I test it with this reflex plugin, it's been getting an error. When I test with standard RPT characters, everything works perfectly, but with these bigger characters and with more frames, it hasn't worked out. The character file is like this one (default for controllable characters and npcs).

Hello, this plugin is really amazing but I think I noticed a bug. I have a lake on my map and a npc event. At first everything is fine and the reflection is displayed, but when I open and close the menu, the reflection of the event disappears. The reflection of the player character is still there. I tried to deactivate every other plugin and the bug is still there. After leaving and reentering the map, the reflection of the npc returns. But it disappears again when I open the menu. Then I created a new project and tried the same thing and it still happened. Do you have any idea what causes this and how to fix it? Are other people having the same issues or did I do something wrong? 

Hello, I went and ran some tests, and yep events seems to lack a refresh on map reload. Thanks for reporting, I'll post new version soon.



Cannot read property 'trim' of undefined at TSR_Mirror.js:310:17947

Do you have messenger or discord? Looks like I have a hell lot of questions :D

There’s a link to my plugins discord channels in my signature on the Forum.

Hi, my name is Luiz Felipe, and I'm using your plugin, I made all the settings for my game, but I use a multi-frame plugin and my character has more than 3 frames, if you can tell me which piece of code that if you make this adjustment I would appreciate it very much.

Hello Luiz, I can add parameters to set the number of frame for the character anim. But how look the character sprite sheet you're using?

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Thanks for the answer! Well, I'll leave an example attached here.

I hope it helps.

Helo! Well the multi-frame I use is included in the Moghunter plugin.:

MOG_CharPoses (multi frame)

Anyway, thank you very much!