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Jul 08, 2021

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Hi! First of all, I compliment you for this incredible plugin, it's exactly what i was looking for.

I have just a question:

i'm trying to create an event where the opacity of the overlay change when the player is "behind it".
(going transparent when is behind a building, that's the idea)

So i put the overlay in the map note,
create the event with player touch trigger,
set "change overlay",
and opacity 0.5

But when the player touch the event the overlay vanish completely.

Have you got any suggestion to properly set the event?

Hello and thank you for your comment.

You did it right,  but you probably just entered the opacity value in the plugin command and left the other empty. Even if the x, y and z doesn't change, you have to give them values (same as notetag if they don't change), otherwise plugin don't know where to put the overlay and it doesn't show...

I will make an update later so you only have to enter the values you need to change.


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Thank you for your answer. Your plugin it's very usefull and it's allowing me to re-shape a lot of maps to make them more realistic.

Unfortunately i'm having some difficult also with the "animated overlay".
I'm trying to follow the instructions step by step but probably i'm missing something.

I created a .png image (name "233") with the 3 frame of animation, all in line.
Put it in the parallax folder.
Then added the note in the map following the structure:

 <name ANIMATED OVERLAY: filename, x, y, w,  h, z, opacity, frame, rate, battle, hidden>
   <test3 ANIMATED OVERLAY:       233,  11,  11,  30,  6,  6,  1,  3,  1,    true>

But again i do not see the parallax while playing T_T.
Are there other info or things we should know for this plugin?

Hello again! 

It seems your setup is fine, but you might have a slight error in your notetag. According to the notetag  you have shown, you have 10 arguments instead of 11. It's not a problem cause omitting the last argument 'hidden' is the same as setting it to False so the overlay will be visible by default. But that also means that the last argument of your notetag which you set to 'True' is actually the Battle argument. As stated in the instructions, Animated overlays can only be shown on the Map OR in battle. So if you set the battle argument to 1 (or true), the overlay will appear only in battle (so if you have ran a test on map, it's normal you couldnt see it)...

Also, a frame rate of 1 will give a glitching animation cause the images will update each game frame (that is 60 times a second). I recommand using a frame rate around 12 like most of the default sprite animation. (but maybe that's what you wanted, so I'm just saying)...

Hope that help a bit. Let me know if the problem persist.