A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a demo from a game I made using the now obsolete Adobe Director software.

The project was cancelled following Director discontinuation in 2017.  I'm actually considering a revival of this project using RPG maker MV and Javascript. 

GAME CONCEP: It's a castle roaming classic RPG. You explore a castle full of monsters in a 2d castlevania-like setting with random encounters ala Final Fantasy turn-base side-view battles.

DEMO: It will render something around 1h gameplay and will end when you get a 'bronze key' and open one of the two doors that leads to the next castle areas. There's a save point on the second stairs to the right (blue room). I suggest going there first.


KNOWN BUG (only in the Mac version):  If you get a random encounter in the big staircase areas (rooms 5 and 12), you'll be respawned out of place and get stuck there, forcing a game quit. (As far as I know, this doesn't occurs in the PC version)

The purpose of posting this demo here are:

  • Act as a "Portefolio" to show previous projects I worked on
  • For the sake of prosperity and to put behind me this project that took me 4 years of programming and was forcefully cancelled
  • Check if there is some interest on seeing me reborn this project with RPG maker and lead it to a completed game.

Cordially, TSR

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file.

Run the app.

Exit the app with the escape key (mouse will be disabled when hovering over the game window)

Main keys used for the game are: ENTER (confirm), SPACEBAR (open menu/cancel) and ARROW keys (move/select)

Gameplay tutorial included in the app


ETcastle.zip 74 MB
ETcastel PC demo.zip 74 MB

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